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Art Classes/Art Parties/Personalized Art Instruction

Mixed Media Canvas Event


Mixed media canvas

5-10 people recommended, age 10+ 

$30 per person, 5 person minimum. 

 2 hours of instruction

Mixed media canvas, 8x10: This is a great way for everyone to make a personalized piece of art. I would suggest that everyone bring a couple of their favorite photos in various sizes, 5x7 max. The photos should be black and white or sepia toned- laser jet copies. This way you can manipulate the images without hurting the original photos and the images will work well for a vintage vibe. I also have an extensive library of images that people can access. 


Images need to be printed on a laser jet since we will use paint and glue on them. In class purchases will be available for extra fun embellishments!

Youtube link, basic canvas prep

Acrylic Flow Painting Class


 Acrylic Flow Painting 

5-10 people recommended, age 8+

$30 per person, 5 person minimum. 

2 hours of instruction

You and your friends can create a 12x12 Acrylic Flow Painting! This process makes some VERY cool art that is a ton of fun and very easy to do! 

We would all participate in mixing the paint to the correct consistency and everyone would share the colors that they mix in order to make the canvases.   is really a great process! 


The downfall to this is that it can be messy and the paintings do need dry time until they are safe to transport.

The upside is that ANY AGE over 8 can do this process. Adult supervision would be highly recommended for our younger artists.

Personal Paint Night


 Personal Paint Night

5-15 people recommended, age 9+

$30 per person, 5 person minimum.

2 hours of instruction

Personal Paint Night: I would send you some different painting examples and you would choose one for everyone to paint.

This would be done on a bit larger canvas, 9x12 or 11x14 possibly. I would provide the canvas, paint, brushes and instruction. 


Choose from Van Gogh to O’Keefe (and more,) landscapes or flowers, this is a great way to learn the basics of painting! A winter scene for Christmas? The possibilities are endless! 

Why pay $40.00 to go to a bar for paint night when it is so much 

cheaper (for drinks) at home???

Altered book, 6 week class


 Altered book- 6 week class

5-10 people, age 10+ 

$130 per person, 6 person minimum


Altered book, 6 weeks of instruction. This is a very cool way to learn multiple mixed media techniques and construction in your book. 

Locations could vary as desired, each night could be hosted by a different friend. One weeknight a week for 2.5 hours of instruction per night. 

You would need to have some of your own art supplies. I would provide a recommended supply list. You could each purchase parts of the list and share supplies. 

Check out my YouTube channel for videos!

Jewelry Class


  Jewelry Class

5-10 people, age 8+

$30 per person, 5 people minimum

 2 hours of instruction 


I will provide you with a choice of beads (1 strand) for you to make your own jewelry, the wire, clasps, end caps and jump rings. 

I will show you how to construct, bead and make earrings to match. You will have a set of jewelry to take home! 


I would also have in class purchases of more expensive beads available if desired. You are always welcome to bring your own!

Alcohol Ink Class

Alcohol Ink Class

5-8 people, age 8+

$30 per person, 5 people minimum. 

 2 hours of instruction 

Learn how to use this amazing medium. We can make a luminary bottle, a painting to put in a frame or a tile that you can use as a trivet or to make a top for a box... 

the possibilities are endless! 

It is a very organic process and I would love to share it with you. 

See the video here!